We’ve asked our friends at the excellent Freebase Records and Sneakers shop to select their current favourites.

Kassem Mosse – Workshop #12

The A-Side comes up with a deep Vocal-Track, which is surrounded by some heavy hitting and hypnotic industrial like percussions. The flipside is a cold stripped down WarmUp Weapon, which will be fit in the most dj-sets. To complete the whole package – kassem mosse produced an trippy hybrid of brokenbeat and dubstep.

D Marc Cantu – Set Free – MOS Deep

As usual the dutch label comes up with some fine and raw jackings sounds. Pure and heavy in its groove. The Music speaks for itself. “SetFree” is dominated by a modulated synth-sound which rides through the whole track. “Tonight” is a dark chicago -lofi- sound track. Slow percussions to underline the heavy weight of the whole groove and idea behind it.

Manuel Schatz

Audio Werner – Can You Scratch? –  Hartchef

After a year of abstinence, Audio Werner is back to his origin label. On the A side, a great beat is found, which is underlined by a slightmelody perfectly. The B-side is very like pieces of old Chicago, for example from Boo Williams. But perfectly interpreted in the presenttime. Very nice dancefloor-oriented release.

Max Vaahs

WK7 – The Avalance – Powerhouse

After the first impressive Powerhouse, they´re now back with another huge one by WK-7. Hard kick, brutal baseline, rarefied by an awesome synth, if you like techno, this piece of music should be in your case. The flipside , characterised by some subtil chords and a straight beat, is my favourite. The Track shows up perfectly like you can cobine a hard and straight beat with some deep,flowin chords and get a perfect result. All in all, the second powerhouse does not have to hide behind the first! Go on like that!

Cosmin TRG – Seperat – Fifty Weapons

“Seperat” is techno, techno in its basics.
Cosmin TRG kicks out a simple, but huge Track. Thats the way a track should work, not much around, impressive beat and the felling for the floor.
“Ilzolat” is a little bit wired, you need the right moment for this one, i prefer the aside.

Martin Müller

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Wolf + Lamb V Soul Clap

Line Up: Wolf + Lamb Soul Clap
Date: Sat 09th Apr, 2011
Time: 10pm – 6am
Location: Secret London Location
Price: Advance Tickets £10 – £15

We have 5 copies of the newly released Wolf + Lamb Vs Soul Clap Presents DJ Kicks CD to give away.

Which cities do you associate Wolf + Lamb and Soul Clap with?

A. Lincoln + Huddersfield
B. Brooklyn + Boston
C. Berlin + Barcelona

please email with your answer!

This competition is now closed

the lucky winners are

many thanks for all the entrants

the 5 lucky winners are

Graeme Johnston
Pierce Smith
Will Webster
Adam Reynolds
Pete Rowe

Wolf + Lamb Vs Soul Clap Presents DJ Kicks

Wolf + Lamb and Soul Clap are two of the most exciting DJ duos of recent times with the seeming ability to travel time, turn trends and allowed us to embrace 90s music a second time round. Last year they came in the form of the Wolf+Lamb Experience and brought us one of the most illustrious events of the year. This time Wolf+Lamb and Soul Clap come together again to celebrate the launch of their latest collaboration for the ‘DJ Kicks’ series released on 14th March.

Soul Clap aka Eli Goldstein and Charles Levine, met Wolf + Lamb (Gadi Mizrahi and Zev Eisenberg) in September 2008 when they travelled from their native Boston to attend Wolf + Lamb’s underground club, the Marcy Hotel in Brooklyn. The four of them hit it off pretty much instantly. Since then Soul Clap have been taken into the Wolf+Lamb fold where they have proven themselves to be quite the party powerhouse producing their own string of successful 90s Jam parties. Wolf + Lamb themselves released their much awaited and acclaimed debut album ‘Love Somebody’ last year, whilst the label has become one of the most influential and important new labels in house and techno. The label in particular has served as a launching pad for spectacular talent such as Seth Troxler, Shaun Reeves, Soul Clap and Nicolas Jaar, whilst flexing their huge party-starting muscle throughout countless DJ appearances across Europe and in their hometown New York has meant they have become firmly cemented in clubber’s memories, hearts and souls.

Their DJ Kicks journey perfectly demonstrates their combined artistic strengths and is full of emotion, changes of tempo and mood, that ebbs and flows like a moonlit summer tide, from gorgeous downtempo grooves to slinky disco-house. As well as capturing the Wolf + Lamb/Soul Clap sound, the DJ Kicks mix also helped to define and legitimise it, as well as pushing it forward to the next chapter.

A night with two outstanding DJ duos playing around with musical boundaries and nothing short of a one night extravaganza…

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Murray Richardson + Spurs

What a great time to be a Tottenham Hotspur fan!.

Having just witnessed the draw for the Champions league its actually
quite straight forward. Beat Real Madrid in the quarters, polish off
Barcelona in the semis and then blow away Chelsea in the final at

Easy! :)

Well you can hardly blame me for having delusions of grandeur these
days especially after the last year we have been through with
England’s future manager at the helm, the same man that has just
become the first Englishman to qualify for the quarter finals of the
Champions League EVER after smashing it in our first experiences of
the group stages and then out playing the mighty Italian giants of AC
MIlan at their own game. And although our season has had small
glimpses of the bad old days of unconcistancy here and there, its
really been a year to savour as we continue to push for another top
four finish this season. As for the Champions League anything from
here on in is a bonus for sure but i do really think we can have a
right old go at Real Madrid and i’m dreaming of a trip back to my old
stomping ground of Barcelona if we can make it through to the semis.
Madrid will be a huge encounter for us and not lacking a bit of
history either after they dumped us out the UEFA cup quarters in 1985
when we were the cup holders. However having supported Tottenham for
the majority of my time spent on this planet im used to football
disappointment so ill not be taking anything for granted and ill just
take it as it comes and to be honest i cant grumble about anything
considering the mire we found ourselves in at the bottom of the
premiership not that long ago with a team consisting of among other
things Bulgarian prima donnas and a coaching staff that between them
couldnt string a sentence of understandable English together and
altogether providing us with the worst start to a football season in
our clubs entire history!!!.

However, i was asked to write why it is that i support Tottenham…so
ill try to do my best to explain how it all began…

There has always been a slight confusion as to exactly whereabouts i
hale from and i have spent all my life explaining how it is that as an
Englishman i speak with such a broad Scottish accent!. This is due to
the fact that i was born in the North of England in a place called
Hetton- Le-Hole where all my dad’s side of the family were from and
then moved upto the west coast of Scotland when i was seven years old.
My mum was Scottish and my sister is Scottish and with my surname of
Richardson im about as half English / half Scottish as you can get. My
old boy, god bless him, even though he was a proper Maccum and took me
to Roker park when i was little, never forced me to support Sunderland
football club and infact it was him that activley encouraged me to
support Spurs and i always remember him being a big fan of Keith
Burkinshaw…but maybe it was just that Spurs were his second
favourite team, just like they seem to have become everyones second
favourite team these days! :)

So it is to bonnie Scotland where my love affair with Tottenham
Hotspur first began which is about as far away from White Heart Lane
as you can get. It all started back in the Summer of 1978 and the
Argentinian World Cup around the time when the Scottish national team
were actually recognizable as a decent footballing squad and run by
the man like Ally Mcleod who (along with one of the most annoying
football songs ever recorded) had managed to convince the nation that
Scotland could actually go to South America and win the coveted
trophy. England had failed to qualify for the tournament and it was
from my home town of Prestwick and little Prestwick Airport (as it was
known then) that the Scotland football team flew off to Argentina and
into footballing history, myth and legend!. The town was buzzing that
night and it seemed to me that everyone in Scotland had turned up to
see the boys off, everyone that is apart from me and my dad as he
wouldnt let me go out to the airport while my mum and sister donned
their bay city roller hats and joined the masses to say bon voyage to
Alley’s army. Unfortunately that was about as good as it got for
Scotland as their tournament dissolved as quick as Willie Johnstons
yellow speeder pills under the World Of Sport studio lights (ok they
did beat the finalists 3-2 and scored one of the most memorable goals
in world cup history).

However, its to the other finalists that my story turns to and the
eventual winners of the trophy, the mighty Argentinian team, whose
squad was in part a collection of some of the best footballers ever
seen in the history of la copa mundial. The now iconic lot of among
others Ossie Ardiles, Daniel Passarella, Alberto Tarantini, Luis
Galvan, Daniel Killer (great name), Rene Houseman, Mario Kempes,
Daniel Bertoni and Leopoldo Luque also consisted of a little known 25
year old midfielder called Ricardo Villa who didnt even figure in the
tournament until he was brought on as a sub in the second phase match
against poland but it was in this match that i remember him amazingly
pinging this ball about the length of the pitch and straight onto the
feet of Mario Kempes who superbly one touched it and smashed it just
past the post but it was the pass that had blown me away and as Mario
Kempes went on to score 2 goals in that game i had had my first sight
of my favourite football player in the world ever and one of the main
reasons that i support Tottenham Hotspur to this day, Ricky Villa. The
rest is footballing history and Argentina went on to win one of the
best world cup finals ever played and although Villa only got to play
another game coming on as a sub against Brazil in another second phase
match and picking up a yellow card for his troubles, he had definetley
left his mark.

I’ll never forget sitting in my Gran’s front room with my dad watching
the news about Keith Burkinshaw signing Ossie Ardiles and Ricky Villa
and my old boy saying to me, “That would be a good team for you to
support”. So that was it, what more persuasion did i need. After what
seemed like hardly any time since the end of the world cup, Spurs had
brought the two Argentinians over to play in the English league and i
was about to embark on my journey of supporting Tottenham through the
highs and lows of the last 33 years. Ricky Villa played a massive part
in a Tottenham team that went onto become so successful in the early
80’s and although he was often outshined by his sidekick Ossie Ardiles
it was alongside him that the flair and skill of that team was
nurtured, just like the flair and skill that has always been part of
our history and just like the flair and skill which continues in our
team to this day! :)


by Murray Richardson

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Mulletover 7th Birthday Party

Mulletover celebrates its seventh birthday on 2nd April 2011 in central London with three rooms of great party spirit. Joining Geddes in Room One are Reboot (Cadenza), Efdemin (Dial) and Enzo Siragusa. Room Two hosts an Innervisions showcase of Dixon, Âme (DJ set and live), Gerd Janson and holding court in Room Three are Leeds warriors, Back To Basics: Buckley, Adam Shelton, Tristan Da Cunha and James Holroyd. We asked promoters Rob Star and Stuart Geddes to list their best moments from the past seven years.

Rob Star

1) The forest parties in West London – Raving as the sun comes up in the middle of the trees is something to be treasured in London. Respect to Darren, Spencer and Danny for pointing us in the right direction with that one.

2) The Kwik Fit Rave – Ivan Smagghe in the basement of a disused Kwik Fit garage on Old Street, 1000 people going mad, with just one strobe and little regard for health and safety. The police actually closed Old Street at one point to stop people getting to the party. I’ve no idea how we didn’t get nicked. Respect to the squatters that broke in for us and rigged the electricity with a set of jump leads! Old School!!

3) The party in the hills of Ibiza – The first one we did was amazing. We weren’t sure whether anyone would come and it was quiet for the first couple of hours. It was on top of a hill and I remember Geddes and I chatting about whether it would be busy – and, at that point, we looked round to see a stream of cars making their way to the party. Once people got there, they had to climb to the summit of a hill, but it was well worth it. We had an amazing visual show, which was made even better by a thunderstorm going on around the whole of the island (everywhere apart from our party). Respect to Sid Shanti, Emilio and the rain gods for making that happen


1. Getting sent home from being too high after the first Mulletover party. We’d gone to the Royal Oak on Columbia Road, back in the days when the windows were blacked out. No one knew what was going on apart from the 100 or so ravers inside getting smashed. I got so high I convinced myself I was going to DJ; it wasn’t even my party! Bones and Ramsey, the legendary East End heroes wouldn’t let me on. I was a bit persistent and after a while I was asked to leave.

2. Carrying a half-ton generator over a bridge with 15 other lads, was probably one of the hardest things I’ve done, especially after a heavy night, but was worth it! Looking back at those pictures now, the forest party was amazing, we’re often reminded about it.

3. Rob Star and his mullet – seems to have disappeared?!

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Hello Faith Fans, and welcome to the debut blog from PDD. We’ve not done this before, so you’ll have to excuse us if our vernacular is not up to speed, we’ll get the hang of it as we go along. We’re a tad old fashioned like that, which is why we remain so fond of the black stuff and is mightily refreshing  to see that vinyl still remains close to the hearts of many readers here. So, for our first despatch from deepest Deptford, here’s the lowdown of what’s currently hogging the PDD gramophone. The Dead Rose Music Company show what all the fuss is about for their brand new imprint, Taikomochi, teaming up with exciting new talent Tomas Malo for the first installment – a fine way to launch, this is a label going places.

TDRMC ‘I Love What You Do’

TDRMC ‘Feels Good’

Tomas Malo ‘We’re Gonna Make it’

Tomas Malo ‘We Love All Enemies’

Over to Sweden for another new label, this time from The Drop Out Orchestra. 4 Tracks ranging from a jerky remake of ‘Psycho Killer’ to low slung soul that manages to sample Craig David and still sound good!

Run Away
Keep Walking

Do it Right

High on Love

Disco meets Boogie on our next EP, the aptly titled Disco Boogie Classics, a home-grown edits series taking some classic retro highlights and lovingly re-crafting them to meet the rigours of the modern dancefloor.

Wanting You (Special Extended Version)

Can’t Live Without You (Katana Cuts Edits)

High Society (Con-Dem Cuts Edit)

Always a label to surprise, Jalapeno present the latest offering from Max Sedgely, the highlights being Faze Action’s trademark 80’s phunk fuelled rework, plus a revisit of the much sought after Spirit Catcher mix of ‘Something Special’.

Superstrong (Faze Action Remix)
Super Strong (Original)

Something Special (Spiritcatcher Remix)
Something Special (Basement Freaks)

Upping the tempo, we skip to yet another new label Dubplate, the brainchild of Paul Woolford. Custom built to do damage in after-dark Berlin niterie’s, this is already causing waves in that particular part of the World.

Let it Go (Komonazmuk & Appleblim Remix)

Pandemonium (Norman Nodge Remix)

After taking a short hiatus, Joey Negro is very much back in business. Z Records have a clutch of essential 12”’s on the way, the first coming via his Akabu guise. Mixes from Deetron, Joey Negro and Lovebirds, it expertly covers all the shades of house music that we have become accustomed to hearing from Dave Lee.

Akabu – Life is So Strange (Deetron Paradise Remix)
Akabu – Life is So Strange (Joey Negro Club Mix)

Akabu – Life is So Strange (Lovebirds Life Goes On Dub)
Akabu – Hi Jaxx (Joey Negro Club Mix)

Returning to the chopping block, over in N.Y.C. the spiritual home of the original disco boogie explosion and sounding as fresh as ever, the very hot Lou Teti perfectly represents their school of 2011- his new label Tigers on a Leash is fast gaining admirers for this superb opener.

Original Mix
Drop Out Orchestra Club Cut

JKRIV’s Deep & Disco Mix
Mario Basanov Remix

This side of the pond (Leeds in fact), Electric Avenue Records have steadily evolved as a label to watch, and the forthcoming reworks of original cosmonaught, Arthur Russell’s ‘Moon’ will take EAR to many new ears. Mixes from Justin Harris (House and Balearic, both superb), and Rob Mello are spot on, making it difficult to pick a fave- limited run, so no sleeping on this one.
Justin Harris feat Arthur Russell – Moon (Justin Harris 125BPM Mix)
Justin Harris feat Arthur Russell – Moon (Justin Harris 110BPM Mix)

Justin Harris feat Arthur Russell – Moon (Rob Mello Remix)
Justin Harris feat Arthur Russell – Moon (Voxapella)

To wrap up we point you in the direction of our blend of the day, Crazy Penis’s- A Nice Hot Edit CD. As the name suggests, the project is a remix album of their much loved ‘Nice Hot Bath’ long player, with mixes from the likes of Greg Wilson, Ray Mang, Faze Action to name but a few. Paper Recordings show this album the respect it deserves, and with summer not feeling too far away now, no home or car should be without this new set.
Crazy Penis ‘Starwar’ (Greg Wilson Edit)

Drop Your Weapon (Faze Action Edit)

Virgin blog now completed, we shall return shortly with more sure shots. In the meantime, those wanting more can check us out on or email

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DJ Harvey presents Locussolus

DJ Harvey presents Locussolus – The Album – International Feel

The first album release from Harvey Bassett’s Locussolus project on International Feel is essentially a collection of the three EPs so far and some extra remixes (from Lindstrom & Prins Thomas, Andrew Weatherall and Emperor Machine), but it really flows well as an album in its own right and is well worthy of the inevitable hype it will create.

More dance-floor oriented than his Map of Africa project, but still retaining the low slung and sleazy feel, the three singles so far show something of a new direction for Harvey with an emphasis on precise, Kompakt-syle beats and pulsing electronic bass sounds. As you’d expect there’s also plenty of left-field disco freakery – Harvey’s vocals sound like he’s channeling the spirit of Arthur Russell and Supermax’s Kurt Hauenstein.

The non-dancefloor tracks break up the pace of the album, adding a pyschedelic, dubbier slant. Overall the sound Harvey’s come up with is a genuinely original mix of modern production techniques with an out-there disco and balearic aesthetic. It’s also totally accessible; for all Harvey’s reputation for championing obscure and unknown oddities as a DJ, he’s always been more of a party DJ, playing for the dancers, rather than the head-nodders and camera-wielding super fans.

There’s a meeting of minds of two DJ legends with the Weatherall remix of ‘Gunship’ – featuring a bizarre vocal, delivered in a Ian Dury meets Alan Vega style, about big guns, big girls and tins of spam… it’s a completely different track from the excellent original which is included here too.

Other highlights for me are ‘Tan Sedan’, the most house-y track, which half-inches the vocal melody from Patti Labelle’s ‘Get Ready’, and ‘Next to You’ – an amazing dubbed out 80s synth-led track that is up there with best of Chas Jankel. The Lindstrom & Prins Thomas mix of ‘I Want It’ is the best thing they’ve done for a while, coming on like a disco version of Herbert/Sound ‘n’ Hack’s ‘Moving Like a Train’.

review by Dan Harrington

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RIP Loleatta

Last night Loleatta Holloway sadly passed away aged 64. She embodied the disco spirit of the ’70s and her music was the soundtrack to the backdrop of sexual liberation the gay and black dancers felt as the decade exploded into one huge party. Loleatta has touched the hearts of dancers on the Northern Soul scene and influenced House producers, as her voice reached to four decades of dance music devotees.

Pete Heller and myself met Ms. Holloway when we were offered her services on our cover of ‘Shout It To The Top’. A middle-aged lady with a large scar on her chest, she asked for a few scotches to get warmed up. Looking back, she was like a vintage car being started, a few miss-starts and stutters, then, all of a sudden, the engine purred. As she moved up through the gears, everyone in the studio came alive and the magic we were looking for filled the room with love.

Quite a while later Pete and I went back to Chicago and met up with her to shoot the video – and my all-time H.O.U.S.E. moment happened. The tape player in the SUV was playing a Ron Hardy Music Box cassette we had just got at Gramaphone records – and, as we cruised the South Side looking for locations, Ms. Holloway, with her friend and hairdresser for the week, Chicago legend Candy J, sat behind us telling stories. Throughout that week she was always a professional, wonderful , warm, lovely lady. The video we had shot featured some iconic Chi-town DJs, who were all happy to appear free of charge for a record featuring the Queen of Disco. Extras in the shoot included her brother, son, nieces and nephews.

We sadly saw another side of Chicago when we insisted on taking Loleatta and her family to lunch at a Greek restaurant. Despite her initial reluctance, which at the time we didn’t understand, she rose above the lacklustre service and rather snide attitude that seemed to offend and shame us more than her (or at least more than she let on…).

Lolleatta made music that trascended genres, genders – and just about anything else that starts with “g”. The woman is the Queen of Disco, made music with Salsoul, sung at the Garage and I helped out in the making of a record with her, which is something I’m so proud of. God bless Ms. Holloway.

Words: Terry Farley

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We’ve featured a full interview with Prosumer in a previous issue of Faith / Strobelight Honey and we recently asked him for an update with some quick fire questions to celebrate the release of his new mix CD ‘Panorama Bar 03′ for Ostgut.

A recent mix you did that features the Love Unlimited Orch (a huge faith fave), how does it compare musically with how you play at Berghain?

A mix recorded at home will always turn out different than a set played at the club, so i would not have played it exactly like that at Panorama Bar. But it is all stuff i could or do play there, Love Unlimited Orchestra is also huge there :-)

What’s your concept behind the new Panorama Bar CD for Ostgut?

If there is a concept behind the mix, than it is to try to keep it natural and simple. Basically the selecting process was like packing a bag of records for a gig, then let the music do its magic, shaking my ass while recording it. Not thinking about the quota of old & new, american & european, vocal & instrumental …

Do you rely too heavily on the past rather than looking at the present?

It is always the past that forges us, now matter how much we live in the present. I play the music i love, and some records, i will never get bored of, no matter how often i have heard them. So i guess it makes sense that there is more music from the past then from the present in my sets. We are talking about many many years of music. I guess i would say i am fully aware of the past while looking at the present. It all depends on the perspective, there are people who think that vinyl is for dinosaurs.

What do you think is the main difference between the British Clubs you’ve played it and those back in Germany?

Opening hours, for a start. In Britain, a lot of people go to a pub after work, in germany, people go home. You go out early compared to us and want to party when you get there. We go out late and wait for things to pick us up. We have got time, you want to make the most of it. You were exposed to a much wider variety of music, so you usually are more receptive.

What’s coming next with your solo productions?

I am not much of a planner. There will be something sometime this year, i guess.

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Tomson ft. Diamondancer – Tap The Core – Development Music

Label owner Tomson teams up with Detroit poet Diamondancer for a lovely deep ‘n’ sexy groove with some conscious lyrics that come in a variety of mixes, all of which step up to the high mark of the OG. My personal favourite is Delano Smith’s throbbing organ-led groove that’s a perfect foil to the sultry female vocals. Delano’s starker and harsher dub will work a treat for the young tech kids who are happily discovering deeper house at an alarming rate of late. London’s At One take the groove even deeper, with a haunting percussive vibe that’s a perfect tool for those 4am eyes closed moments.

Snoretex – Strange Aeons – Buzzin’ Fly

“Imagine a world where Philip Glass, Harmonia and Mr Fingers intermingle in euphoric hamony,” says Sam Willis, taking time off from his critically acclaimed Kompact project, Walls.

The down-tempo original is a beautiful slice of electronica, dripping with cinematic class and a sense of real drama. However the House mix, by Chicago ’90s heroes Glenn Underground and Boo Williams, takes the mood to an uplifting and E-soaked logical conclusion. Using most of the OG parts, their mix jacks up the bottom end, somehow reminding me of Lil Louis in one of his most inventive moments. This is the sort of House record that’s both modern and timeless and should get both dancefloor and radio support by the shed-load.

Inxec and Mark Chambers – Sports EP – Leftroom Records

This fabulous e.p., featuring some of today’s newest house future legends. is deep, dark, soulful and very, very sensual. Christopher Sylvester, AKA Inxec, creates a landscape of throbbing bass and synth sweeps that shout Ibizan pool parties just as much as they do late night basement parties. Mark Chambers’ vocals, whilst coming from the US house tradition, sound current enough never to veer into retro territory. Maya Jane Coles’ remix carries on her MK-style approach – and, while is very, very good, it’s eclipsed by Guti’s percussive chugger that has the swing I love. There is a bonus track, ‘Regret’, that’s Detroit ’90s to its core and will make fans of 808 State go running for the dancefloor.

Julio Bashmore feat Javeon McCarthy – Father Father – Future Boogie

Bristol-born Julio Bashmore, creator of the anthemic ‘Battle for Middle You,’ a track that united forward thinking Bass kids and House heads, continues in his inspiring quest to take our music forward. ‘Craboon’ will please older heads with its Kerri Chandler-style vibe, crisp beats, swirling pads and cut-up female vox. But the real killer is the male song ‘Father Father’, which again is much more traditional US-style house than Julio’s previous work – and the sort of track that shows a growing maturity, depth of knowledge, production and writing skills.

by Terry Farley

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All Ears


Greetings ears

In a week where we’ve been terrified by events in Japan, and the welfare of our friends and family over there, it’s hard to get motivated.

But onwards we must press…

This week we have a hefty slab of scissors & sellotape sorcery from Dicky Trisco on DISCO DEVIANCE

The excellent CREATIVE USE follow up their recent Limited Edition CD Comp with a standout 12 from the mysterious Mimp:Gimp

And UK House & Disco legend Rob Mello drops a duo of superb modern House jams on PPFSPECIALOPS (featuring a PPF Dub too !)






On the upfront tip this week, may we draw your attention to the crew over at Disconnected Sounds They’re launching with a Various Artists EP (300 hand stamped and individually numbered white labels) featuring new and exciting producers from the UK’s ever evolving music scene…



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