Jocelyn Brown

Jocelyn Brown is one of these larger than life entertainers that has the lungs to blow open the vaults at the Bank of England. Her massive hit ‘Somebody Else’s Guy’ has been killing dancefloors for close on 30 years. She has also sang vocals with great acts such as Change, Salsoul Orchestra, Incognito, Musique, Luther, Inner Life and many others.

Jocelyn is now a native Londoner and can be found performing at the upcoming events in the UK. The first event sees Jocelyn perform live in London on Sunday 20th October for Body and Soul with Francois Kervorkian, Joe Clausell and Danny Krivit. Jocelyn is then the headline finale act at the burgeoning Scottish Soul Weekender in Dumfries on the weekend of  Nov 1st/2nd/3rd. Faith Fanzine highly recommend attendance for both of her shows because live she is phenomenal.

We caught up with Jocelyn recently for a full interview that is due to appear in the Scottish Soulful Weekender programme. Here’s some short extracts.

After your release on the Posse label you had a hit with ‘Somebody Elses Guy’ who you wrote with your sister Annette. You worked with Fred McFarlane and Allen George who both produced it. How did you land that deal?

Vinyl Dreams wasn’t supposed to be the label it was supposed to be called Goody Two Shoes, but it wasn’t. There was a controversial situation between myself and Allen George. You’re right Fred McFarlane did co-produce it with me. I had originally written it with my sister Annette, but I’m also playing the piano on there as well. Everything was involved in the production house between the two of us. Allen George didn’t do too much, he kind of stayed on the outside and he was more of a partner with myself that got very side tracked. It didn’t turn out too well with our relationship. God has a way of doing things where you have to figure out a way of what the plan is. It might not be the plan that you want, but it might be the situation for everybody to learn and understand to get it together.

It must be a very frustrating thing because I’ve read that Loleatta Holloway and you are the most sampled vocalists of all time.

Yes that’s true, but there’s something else there that some people might not be able to understand it that they must realise that if you are not a part of the elite part of this business the advantage that is taken on you is ridiculous. They try and keep you underneath their feet and that’s not the way that it’s supposed to be. I’m an artist, I’m a singer. I didn’t come in here with attitude I came in here for music and for us all to enrich ourselves. No one saw that you’re not supposed to talk, you’re not supposed to have a difference of opinion about anything. You’re supposed to just shut up, sing and no your place. It’s kind of hard to do that when you’re mother, a wife and you have your own life where you have to pay your bills. People can’t just tell you to shut up and sit down. It don’t go down there like that like. I’m one of those sisters that you can’t tell to sit down and shut up to.

Do you have any other projects on the go at the moment that you can talk about?

Well I’m going to try my hands at two things. One is that I have a cartoon idea that i’m trying to get together with a couple of friends of mine. I’m also going to do a pilot for a musical cook show. More than anything else i’m writing with Bluey. I’m writing with Morgan trying to finish off this album. I’ve got a christmas LP that came out last year, that’s coming back out again. I’m going to put my hands to doing a gospel jamboree that’s going to include jazz gospel and house gospel. They’re avenues that most people don’t even know exist.

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