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Now to be honest im not a fan of albums and especially House ones , far to many fillers sitting uncomfortably alongside a couple of previous releases and the odd hit . However this summer i received a LP that proved my thesis wrong ( NO its not fucking Daft Punk either ) . JACK THE BOX PRESENTS was on repeat play on my big fuck off hire car ( think Westwood meets Snoop Dog in milton keynes ) and considering its a 10 hour round trip and i never felt the need to get angry to Talk Sport once thats surely the sign of good shit . I talked to Bobby Starrr ( one half of Jack the Box alongside Chicago bona fide legend Tyree Cooper ) about how it all came to pass .

“Tyree and myself started to DJ together in 2010 and since then have been doing parties under the Jack The Box label. This collaboration inspired two regular party franchises “e.man.ci.pate” at Tresor and “Lunar Phase” our underground party that is currently with Kater Holzig but about to move to a new secret location. I called my weekly radioshow on Sweatlodge Jack The Box Radio as well. Tyree released a few of my own tracks on his Supa Dupa label and remixed one and when fine-tuning the tracks together, we just fell into a comfortable rhythm and decided we needed to do this more often. Then the obvious choice was to call us “Jack The Box”

The thing that stood out for me alongside the top notch production was the boys choice of collaborators from Mandel Turner who sounds like a real 80’s Soul singer in the vein of D’Train or even Storm Queen to Bam of the Jungle brothers ( thats proper hip house royalty there ).
‘ As for the collaborations with other artists, we as DJs wanted to play out more tracks that have this feeling of a “song”. This means we were intent on making tracks with full vocal lyrics as opposed to tracks with one or two vocal tunes currently are in vogue in Berlin. All of the artists that we approached have a very authentic individuality and strong character and most importantly, they are family and add to our positive vibe. With Lady Blacktronika we’ve been in contact since she was a guest on my very 1st weekly radio show on Sweatlodge back in May 2010. I was listening to loads of Northern Soul at the time and wanted to get that vibe out of her’ .

Did you guys know Bam from the Jungle brothers from back in the day ?
“Tyree was DJing in Stockholm on NYE and noticed this dude who was watching him all night long and Ty’s watching him trying to figure out how he knows this guy. After the show, they had a chat and turns out it was Bam of the Jungle Brothers and within an instant we three were chatting, emailing and suddenly producing a full on track. I’ve then met him at our monthly residency ‘E-MAN-CI-PATE’ and can tell you he is an impressive personality and I’m very glad that we were able to collaborate with him on You Can’t Judge . Mandel Turner is in our close friend circuit. He pulled off a powerful performance while we had the after effects of Kater Holzig running through our brain and he took it and ran with it in one session.
Jean Honeymoon got introduced to us via our Glasgow home boy, James Johnson and DJ Harri gave us great reviews about her before we connected. She is impressive. finally Marco Anderson is one of Tyree’s close collaborators who is recording for Chicago Vinyl Records and his vocals close off perfectly the LP…’This Is Our House

What i also love so much is that its its straight up house … No nod towards fads or fashions . A brave move or do you see things coming home so to speak.

‘ Not quite. You are right in assuming that since Ty and I both have such a strong love for traditional Chicago House, it would have been hard for us to do a Berlin-mainstream skewed album that fits into what everyone else is doing. However, we are no robots, we are humans and we do get influenced by what’s happening around us and that’s a good thing. So “Side A” is definitely also inspired by contemporary music trends. So for us this album is about honouring the origins but also embracing the now. Chicago inspired traditional House music with a fresh and contemporary Berlin feeling.’

The last single ‘ the way we walk ‘ got massive props from the house family while ‘ pon de underground ‘ was picked by loco Dice for his ‘In the House ‘ CD on Defected add to that Tyree’s collaboration with Alex Arnout on ‘one nation ‘ that has been a big festival tune all summer and the time is right for these cats and with a new generation of kids looking for House inspiration JACK THE BOX PRESENTS is perfect food for that hunger .

JACK THE BOX PRESENTS is released on October 14th on Moodmusic

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