Nancy Noise..

1  When did you first visit Ibiza / amnesia – who with ? What music do you remember / what fashions were the Ibiza crowd wearing

After visting there a couple of times before decided to spend the summer in Ibiza 1986, I went with three friends, we were living and hanging out in San Antonio, found Café del Mar and thought it was really cool.  One night we went out with all the workers we all dressed in black, went all around San Antonio to the bars then the Star club, Es paradis.  Then at the end of the night we ended up at Amnesia.

…. last stop, Amnesia …

It was getting light, just before sunrise, we walked in. I just remember standing a little way in and looking around, I saw lots of smiling faces, I instantly fell in love with Amnesia, I didn’t have any idea where i was going, just arrived at this beautiful place. The music was unreal and at the end of the night the Pink Panther Henry Mancini tune came on. I thought … wow ! I remember sitting on the steps looking around in awe at the animated and flamboyant crowd.

From then on the nightly trips to Amnesia started. To get in for free we had to get these tickets but you had to be in there by midnight, there was hardly anyone there, but this was a blessing as I heard all the music the whole night through. Leo Mas would build up the night in such a fantastic way then Alfredo would play later.  I loved the way the night built, the music was such a great eclectic mix, it blew me away, indie, ambient, dance, euro, pop, house, latin and styles of music I hadn’t really heard before, things like ‘Los ninos del parque’ Liaisons Dangereuses was so different, crazy,  I loved it. I was really into The Cure, The Smiths and Japan before Ibiza, but had never been to a club where they played them. So to hear those records mixed with Paco de Lucia, Yello, Colourbox etc was a heady mix, so beautiful, free, no limitations. I think being in there the whole night hearing Leo then Alfredo play, I learnt so much about music and djing not really thinking about it in that way then but I absorbed it. I always thought it was like a playground, open air and warm, we were skipping around dancing, on the swing , laying in the cushions, laughing. Only good things happened in there, I felt totally safe, the mix of people, colourful friendly loving they were young, old, straight, gay, rich, poor, famous from all over the world. What a place to be young, going on a different journey everynight, for the whole summer.

Some of the big tunes were Dizzi Heights ‘ Would I find love’ , It’s immaterial – ‘Driving away from home’,  Art of Noise – ‘Paranomia’   Willie colon ‘Set fire to me’,  Farley Jackmaster ft Darly Pandy Love Can’t Turn Around, David Bowie ‘Underground’, JM Silk ‘Shadows of your love’.

Clothes wise some were wearing a sort of goth look, with these kind of long dresses with padded shoulders and others wearing these really big shoes like huge wedges and lycra, men with little waistcoats and no top under. There were outragous outfits and of course lots of beautiful men and women. In 86 we became friends with these guys from Manchester/Sheffield who travelled around Europe and they spent a lot of time in Ibiza, we hung out with them loads, we became a little tribe always looking out for one another. They were cool, they all wore Chevignon, Converse all stars, vintage levis, lots of it was green and orange colours.

When I left Ibiza in 1986 I could think of nothing else, my bedroom back home was like a shrine to Amnesia, I just dreamt of the next summer.

Next Summer 87, we arrived in Ibiza in May, before Amnesia opened, there was major excitement and anticipation. The opening night arrived, we got in there early, getting ready to hear the tunes we loved from 86. Leo and Alfredo were djing … great, but to our surprise the music was a completely different, we looked at each other shocked, was funny but we soon got over it, the new set was awesome, amazing. 1987 brought a whole new musical journey, it was full of energy, it was something else. Some of the tracks in 87,

Elkin & Nelson ‘Jibaro’ , Thrashing Doves ‘Jesus on a Payroll’, Code 61 ‘Drop the deal’

Mandy Smith ‘I just can’t wait’ , Yello ‘La Haberbera’

Enzo Avitable Blackout,  Raw Liga – The Residents

Woodentops – Why Why Why, Prince – ‘Sign of the Times’ and other tracks from that album.

Cyndi Lauper ‘What’s going on’ was played at the peak of the night and other slower tracks but they worked and sounded incredible.

Rolling Stones  ‘Sympathy fot the devil’ in Amnesia, whoaa what a memory !!!!!

Amnesia had been open a couple of weeks and I was in there every single night early, without fail, I was on a mission did not want to miss any of it, dancing in front of the same speaker everynight. One night Alfredo ran from behind the decks and was suddenly dancing in front of me, I was so shocked, he shouted ‘Who are you?’ I just about got the word out ‘Nancy’, he must have thought who’s this crazy stalker !! Anyway that’s how we became friends, he gave me tapes after that and I hang out more by the dj booth rather than lurking around it which I had done before to see what records Alf and Leo were playing !

2 Alfredo – we owe him a lot don’t we

Of course yeah, so much, I love him, meeting Alfredo, going to Amnesia had a profound effect on my life and  so many others. He’s been a big and important part of my journey, I’ve got total respect and love for him. I think the music played by Alfredo and Leo was sublime and it created the platform for the Future, Shoom and Spectrum and everything else that come after.

3   Future – how did that come about and what music was you playing

When we got back in 87, there were a couple of reunion things on and the Ibiza tribe was getting together either at house parties or other clubs in London, we had a different look than what was going on at the time and of course we had something very special on board that made our dancing styles quite unique, that created many inquisitive on lookers. We desperately wanted to create the feeling of Amnesia in London so Ian and Paul found the venue, Sound Shaft at the back of Heaven. With everyone really up for it, they paid Ian a fiver, the doors opened everyone ran through Heaven to get into the Sound shaft. Paul played and it was a top night. I had been hanging out with Paul a lot after meeting him in Ibiza, when he came to my flat he saw I was really into music, I had lots of Amnesia tunes from 86 and 87. Paul and a few friends said ‘Nance you got the tunes, you play too’ so off I went with my carrier bag of records. My set was so much of what I’d heard Leo and Alfredo play in Amnesia, It’s immaterial , Art of Noise , Yello etc and some things I liked like hip hop, Bowie, Indie stuff, I also played stuff I’d heard Nello play in Glorys, Nello was the resident of Glorys it was a crazy club on for a while in 87 but had a huge impact I loved his music , he played things like ‘Join in the chant’ Nitzer Ebb , Talk Talk It’s my Life. The thing I most remember about the Future was how mad and noisy the crowd were, I would finish playing and then walk down the stairs to dance, get some hugs and kisses from friends and be engulfed in the sounds of friends whistling and areebas etc.

4 female DJs / there was only you n Lisa back then – did you feel pressure…..

No not really, I felt pressure back then only because I wasn’t a DJ all I said was I would play records for all my friends then all of a sudden I’m djing at one of the most buzzing / busiest nights in London ‘The Future’  that was a bit mad at the time but not the female thing no.

5   What new music are you digging in 2013

I like a lot of breaks and beat stuff like Quantic , Bonobo, Nightmares on wax, the new balearic labels have some great music & also house stuff too. Like different music from around the world, like Latin/Brazilian stuff.

It’s really too difficult to make a top 10 as Future was on for a long time and there were so many good tunes , this is a selection that really reminds me of that wonderful place.

WELL THESE REMIND ME OF FUTURE .. Future Top10 and in no particular order !











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