Paul Rutherford

Paul Rutherford will be appearing at the coming bank holiday Shoom Summer of Love Weekend Party’s in Hastings. Derek Hazel caught up with him recently for a catch up.

Q – So come on how did Paul Rutherford emigrate to New Zealand to farm sheep? and do the

locals know who you are?

A – My partner Perry is from New Zealand and after 10 years in England we decided it was time for

for him to come home. I also got bored with the UK music scene and so we did it and have lived here

10 years. The locals are well aware of who I am now and have been asked to village hall parties

but have declined everything,There’s lots of reggae music on the island which might have something

to do with the weed being so wonderful,there’s MDMA,Coke but loads are into Acid probs due to the

beautiful part of the world we live in, its great seeing the festival scene grow and there a few clubs but

it all seems to be a stoner thing here.

Q- Now on to the subject of Frankie, Dance music cost to fortune to make as opposed to todays rubbish

on a budget job, how much do you think them amazing singles cost with studio time and musician’s


A – Well the Liverpool album cost a million and one of the reasons why Holly left the band, first we were

recording in Jersey for 6mths then Amsterdam and finally Ireland. We should of made a fortune but it

was Trevor Horn who made the fortune. He was one of only three in the country who had a Fairlight and we

wanted the best we were hell bend on it !We would take tracks that we were listening to into the studio

from the Paradise Garage and the records which I would buy from Probe in Liverpool and Black Market

in Soho all the early House records. We would take him to crazy Gay clubs and say this is what we want !

Trevor was fun and a complete perfectionist and the studio was about waiting about, getting pissed and

redoing things constantly. Doing crazy samples for Relax like throwing water sponges around the studio

even getting recordings of naked women in the bath having fun just to get that cum sound on the track.

Always remember Trevor saying we have the final mix of Relax and being blown away…we nailed it.

Q – From Shoom to Taboo, how did you find your way?

A – I lived round the corner form Shoom in a Warehouse apartment which the local drug dealer would visit constantly.

My night outs would start on a Thursday and end on a Wednesday morning it was constant madness and

great fun. Taboo was about character’s and dressing up more Panto and theatre with music almost taking

second place. Shoom was like a out of body experience it had that unity and I would dance for 6 hours at

a time it was a magical place. Also I would go to Clink St which was much harder musically and darker !

Loved New York clubs and remember being switched on to Larry Lavan it was also a very special place,

A club called Save the Robots was fucking nuts bit like Taboo with everyone dressing up and completely

off it….all wonderful places.

Q – MDMA was rife in Taboo in 87,why do you think Acid House didn’t happened there instead of Shoom

A – As I said earlier Taboo was more theatre than Shoom,i was knocking around with DJs like Fat Tony and would start

clubbing on a Thurs night which would end on a Tuesday night, Wednesday was the day of rest but it was

Shoom that the music and the drug Ecstasy came together it was a case of right time and place.

Q – Get Real is a classic Acid House record, how did it come about? Have you got any unreleased stuff ?

A – First I got approached by Madonna’s, Michael Jacksons and ABCs manager who came up with an idea

to do a track called “Mr Wolf” which we played around but finally stumbled upon the idea of “Get Real”

after a heavy night on Acid and working with wonderful David Clayton and Martin Fry, I could tell you what

the track is about but I wouldn’t. The track got signed to Island Records after Julian Temple had heard it

and we were given 30k from the label and fucked off the desert with a bag of Acid to shoot the video for

2 weeks. My later music was more soulful and gospel probably the direction I would like to go now but who knows.

Q – What’s the plans for Paul Rutherford ?

A – After a successful gig in Liverpool that Andy Carroll and Derek Hazell had put on I started to work to on a few

project’s with Derek there’s a remix of Get Real to come out on Dave Seaman and Steve Parry’s label called

Selador with mixes from Darren Emmerson,Bushwacker and Gooding, should be out middle of September.

Will be working on more tracks and looking forward to the Shoom weekender on the 23rd and 24th August in

Hastings and a chance to shake my tail feathers again on the dance floor with friends I have not seen in years.

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