Kenny Hawkes

It’s been a years since our friend Kenny Hawkes passed away and we miss him very much. His dry sense of humour was the cause of much merriment on the forum. His productions were ┬átop notch and always with great attention to detail on each of them. On a personal note Kenny was one half of the residents of the great Friday’s R Firin’ at Plastic People, Oxford Street. I moved to London in ’95 and had many enjoyable experiences down there because of the great music, fantastic guests, amazing soundsystem and overall warmth of everybody involved. That’s not to take anything away from Space, but work commitments ensured that Wednesday was a no go zone for me (unfortunately). Kenny later became a friend who played for Stuart and I twice. He always encouraged and gave me advice when I needed it.

The good people of the Faith Fanzine Forum thought that it would be fitting that there’s a permanent memorial for Kenny in Brighton. The project that is currently being pursued is a bench, preferably a musical one. There are however a number of logistical issues that need to be overcome at this moment in time. The idea is to raise some money for the project via the release of the “25 Years of London House” T Shirt and poster. Full details for purchasing will follow shortly. In the meantime please find below the image of the T Shirt.

5 Essential Kenny Cuts


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