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Ask Dre

Dearly beloved many are called but few are chosen. Welcome to Dre’s world and as you have already noticed the tone of this episode of the often weird and wunderful musings of this esteemed Publication is a little more sombre … Continue reading

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Brilliant Chang and The Yellow Peril

“Chang dispensed Chinese delicacies and the drugs and vices of the Orient,” said The Pictorial News one day in 1922. ‘ He demanded payment for his drugs in kind.’ The rag went on to further advise its women readers “who … Continue reading

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Ben Westbeech

Ben Westbeech is something of a veteran of the British music scene. Not a veteran as in he needs assistant to get up the stairs or use the loo but as in he seems to have been around for ever. … Continue reading

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Frankie Knuckles

Surreal. It had been a long day and surreal is really the only way to describe it. Gone midnight in a leafy London suburb, I’m sitting in front of my laptop and via the wonders of internet technology, Frankie Knuckles, … Continue reading

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Rude Boy

Our friends in Brighton at the Hotel Pelirocco host a weekly radio show on Radio Reverb. A recent guest was the original rude boy Ray Gange. Many thanks to Mick and Cait Habeshaw-Robinson for transcribing the interview in full. Mick … Continue reading

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Welcome back, as spring is threatening to breakout across our green and pleasant land and thoughts turn towards the longer days and all things al fresco. Sunglasses, outdoor shin-digs and house music revivals are once more well and truly back … Continue reading

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Angel Moraes

Welcome to Angel Moraes, a one time bastion of New York club scene with his Hot ‘n Spycy label home of the monumental ‘Welcome to the Factory.’ In recent times he’s been the brains behind Montreals Stereo club. Terry Farley … Continue reading

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[ar:pair:] Cocoon London

London’s in for a real treat this Saturday night with an eight set from the original Rumanian HOUSE masters RPR. They very seldom play all together on the same bill and this will be only the fourth time since their … Continue reading

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We’ve asked our friends at the excellent Freebase Records and Sneakers shop to select their current favourites. Kassem Mosse – Workshop #12 The A-Side comes up with a deep Vocal-Track, which is surrounded by some heavy hitting and hypnotic industrial like … Continue reading

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Wolf + Lamb V Soul Clap

Line Up: Wolf + Lamb Soul Clap Date: Sat 09th Apr, 2011 Time: 10pm – 6am Location: Secret London Location Price: Advance Tickets £10 – £15 We have 5 copies of the newly released Wolf + Lamb Vs Soul Clap … Continue reading

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